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Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the start of the meeting with a group of representatives of the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government, Moscow, January 28, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, I’m pleased to welcome you all to Russia. You have come here for an inter-Syrian consultative meeting. We consider your visit as a sign of the trust that the Syrians, regardless of their political views, have in Russia.

Our countries are linked by historical ties of friendship and cooperation. We are genuinely interested in maintaining and strengthening these traditions.

We are well aware that Syrians are currently living in difficult times, with the number of casualties in your country measured in the tens of thousands and with no end in sight. Millions seek refuge outside Syria. Terrorists and extremists of all kinds came to Syria from all over the world. We, as your true friends, are convinced that in the wake of these trials and tribulations, Syria will emerge as a single, sovereign, secular and prosperous state, in which all its citizens and all ethnic and religious groups will feel comfortable and safe, and their rights will be securely upheld.

I’m aware that all of you share the view that achieving this goal can be based only on a political settlement. Only the Syrians themselves can outline such a solution, and the ways to achieve it.  Full story Full Story

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and answers to questions at a news conference following his talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, Moscow, January 26, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen,

I have held talks with my colleague, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. We discussed our bilateral agenda. Tomorrow Mr Liberman will continue talks with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the co-head of the Russian-Israeli Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation.

We also discussed international issues, focusing on the Middle East, primarily in light of the growing threat of terrorism and extremism in the region. We reaffirmed our shared belief that there is no alternative to fighting this universal evil on the basis of international law. We agree that the UN must play the key role in this fight, and that these efforts must not involve double standards. We recalled the initiative, which Russia submitted to the recent session of the UN General Assembly, for conducting a comprehensive analysis of threats in the Middle East and North Africa in their entirety.

When discussing the Middle East settlement, we talked about the situation in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries of the region. We expressed concern about the continued deterioration of relations between Palestinians and Israelis. We firmly believe that everything possible must be done to prevent the conflict from becoming interfaith, which would suit the extremist forces in the Middle East and North Africa. We urge the sides to avoid fanning the flames of confrontation, and instead to create the foundation for resuming the political process in the interests of a comprehensive, fair and lasting Arab-Israeli settlement. We are convinced, and we see eye to eye on this issue, that the leading Arab countries should play a more active role in the common search for an all-embracing solution.

We are also willing to use the potential of the quartet of international mediators in the Middle East settlement process, which have been active at the level of special envoys, and if necessary also the ministerial format. But again, these efforts must involve the leading Arab countries of the region.   Full story Full Story

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s address and annual news conference on Russia’s diplomatic performance in 2014, Moscow, 21 January 2015


Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to our annual meeting on Russia’s diplomatic performance.

The situation last year was more complicated than previously, as new dangerous seats of tensions complemented several smouldering chronic conflicts. Especially alarming was the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, where extremist and terrorist threats were growing and spreading to other regions and to which Russia consistently tried to attract the attention of its partners. The risk that religious and societal divides will grow has not diminished. The global economic situation is far from clear.

We believe that the developments of the past few years show convincingly that global security issues can only be resolved through concerted efforts. But cooperative actions by the international community are hindered by a number of negative trends. The most important of them are fundamental differences between the objective process of the decentralisation of power in the world and the development of a more democratic polycentric world order on the one hand, and persistent attempts by the “historical” West to preserve global leadership at all costs and to enforce its approaches and values, including through the use of force on the other participants of international relations, on the other hand. The situation in Ukraine is a perfect reflection of this policy.  Full story Full Story

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